Configure an SMS/MMS Account

An SMS/MMS account is required when you need to use the Passcode Through SMS plug-in for guest access to a captive portal or other features that use SMS messages.

To configure an SMS/MMS account:

  1. Open Discover.
  2. Select Configure > WiFi, then select the SSID tab.
  3. Edit an existing SSID, or create a new SSID.
  4. Select the Captive Portal tab.
  5. Select Cloud Hosted as the portal mode.

Screen shot of the Cloud Hosted captive portal settings in Discover

  1. In the Authentication Plugins & Quality of Service section, click Select login method for guest WiFi users.
    The Plugins and QoS settings appear.

Screen shot of the Plugins and QoS page in Discover

  1. Click in the top-right corner for Common Settings for the plug-ins.
  2. Icons appear for Email, SMS/MMS, Payment Gateway, Country Code, and Marketing Opt-in/Opt-out.

Screen shot of the Captive Portal common settings page in Discover

  1. Click the icon for the SMS/MMS account settings.
  2. From the Account drop-down list, select an existing account or select Add New.

Screen shot of the SMS/MMS account configuration in Discover

  • Enter a Name — Type a descriptive name for the account.
  • Service Provider — You can select Twilio, Msg91 or a custom service provider.
  • If you select Twilio, type the Account SID, Auth Token and Twilio Number.
  • If you select Msg91, type the Username, Password, Sender ID, and select the SMS Route.
  • If you select Custom, type the Service URL.
  • Test Account — Type a number and click Test SMS Message to test your SMS account configuration.
  1. Click Save to save the account settings.