Site Preparation Checklist

For a successful deployment, you must prepare the installation site. This section provides a checklist to help the implementation team with site preparation.

Preparation Checklist Notes
Installation Preparation
Site survey

WatchGuard recommends you ideally perform an on-site survey of AP / wireless client performance checks with the clients that are representative of the devices used at the location (Smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.)

Alternately, if an on-site survey is not feasible, use a predictive site survey based on the documented details of all aspects of the deployment, including network architecture, clients, applications, physical environment, floor plans etc.)

WatchGuard provides to partners a Wi-Fi Customer Requirements Questionnaire to assist in creating predictive site surveys. For more information, log in to your partner account on the WatchGuard web site and go to Product > Selling Secure Wi-Fi.

Client survey Determine the proportion of wireless devices per user and their function.
POE or AC power See the "AP Power Requirements" section in Wired Network Best Practices.
Cable plant (CAT5e or greater) See the Cable Category Reference table.
Ladder/Scissor Lift  
Special AP mounting requirements AP mounting instructions are available in the WatchGuard AP Hardware Guides.
Internet availability  
Tools for mounting APs  
Implementation Preparation
Network switch ports  

Firewall rules:

  • Port 3851 (UDP) outbound
  • Port 3852 (UDP) outbound for APs configured in CIP mode
  • Port 80 (TCP) outbound / stateful inbound
  • Port 443 (TCP) outbound / stateful inbound

These are the required ports for WatchGuard APs to communicate with WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud at these domains:


Proxy bypass rule for AP management traffic Bypass rule is for management traffic from the AP's IP address to WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud.
Verification Preparation
Wi-Fi clients Clients are required for acceptance testing. Make sure the clients are representative of the devices used at the location.
Acceptance test plan The acceptance test plan should verify client and application functionality for all applications used at the site.