Dashboard Widgets

The Dashboard contains these widgets:

  • Conversion — This widget displays statistics about people who have Wi-Fi enabled devices, but who are not connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can view the total number of people with Wi-Fi enabled devices in and around the store, and the number of visitors with Wi-Fi enabled devices inside the store. The storefront conversion percentage shows the number of visitors inside the store compared to the number of people inside and around the store.
  • Wi-Fi Users — The Wi-Fi Users widget displays the total visible visitors inside and outside the store, the total users who have used Wi-Fi, and the percentage of the visitors using the guest Wi-Fi out of the total users.
  • Demographics — The Demographics widget displays the percentage of male users and female users who are using the guest Wi-Fi through a social media plug-in. This widget also shows gender statistics grouped by age. This data is derived from the social media sites used by guests to log in to Wi-Fi. This data is provided directly by the user on a web form.
  • New vs. Repeat Users — The New vs. Repeat Users widget displays the total number of Wi-Fi users using the guest Wi-Fi, including the percentage of new and repeat Wi-Fi users. It also presents the average number of days between repeat visits for repeat users.
  • Dwell Time — Dwell time is the time during which a user is visible to APs in the network. The dwell time widget displays a bar graph of the percentage of visitors for different time ranges. The unit of measurement for the time range is minutes. The widget also displays the average dwell time in minutes.