Wireless Placement

For full wireless coverage and to make sure that all users in your environment receive a strong wireless signal, consider these guidelines for the location and placement of your WatchGuard APs:

  • Place your APs in a central location away from any corners, walls, or other physical obstructions to provide maximum signal coverage.
  • Place your APs in a high location to provide the overall best signal strength reception and performance for your wireless network.
  • In general, one AP can cover up to approximately 2000 ft2 depending on the physical environment and wireless interference.

Diagram of AP device placement

  • Make sure you do not install an AP in close proximity to any electronic devices that can interfere with the signal, such as televisions, microwave ovens, cordless phones, air conditioners, fans, or any other type of equipment that can cause signal interference.
  • When you install more than one AP, make sure to put enough space between them to provide maximum coverage for your wireless network area of availability. For wireless coverage over many floors, you can stagger the placement of devices to cover both vertical and horizontal space.


Diagram of AP device spacing

Use Wireless Deployment Maps for AP Placement

You can use the Wireless Deployment Maps feature on the Gateway Wireless Controller to provide a simulated physical view of your wireless network to help you place the APs in optimal locations for maximum coverage.

For more information on the wireless maps feature, see Use Gateway Wireless Controller Maps.

For more information on how to use the wireless maps feature for AP placement, see View Wireless Deployment Maps.

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