About AP Wireless Deployment

(Fireware v12.0.2 or lower)

You can deploy AP300 devices over-the-air without network cables. When the network cable is disconnected, the AP changes to client mode and connects to the nearest wired AP300 device as a wireless client.

Over-the-air deployment is supported only on AP300 devices in Fireware 12.0.2 or lower.

When an AP300 device is in wireless client mode:

  • The client AP broadcasts any SSIDs configured on the 2.4GHz radio only.
    The 5GHz radio is used only for the extender link for AP client mode connections. The client AP does not broadcast any configured SSIDs on the 5GHz radio.
  • A wired AP300 device must be in range for the client AP to be able to connect in client mode and deploy over-the-air.
  • Wireless deployment uses the 5GHz band radio for the extender link for AP client mode connections. You must have less than the maximum of eight SSIDs configured on the 5GHz radio of the wired AP300 for wireless deployment to work correctly.
  • AP300 devices must be initially deployed (paired or auto-deployed) with a cable before the AP can be deployed over-the air.
    For more information on deployment, see WatchGuard AP Discovery and Pairing.
  • If you reconnect a network cable, the AP reverts to normal operation from client mode and disconnects from the wired AP300 device.

Diagram on an AP over-the-air deployment

Enable Wireless Deployment