About AP Passphrases

The WatchGuard AP passphrase is used for management connections to a WatchGuard AP after it has been paired with a Firebox. The Gateway Wireless Controller on the Firebox uses the WatchGuard AP Passphrase when it connects to any paired AP.

The WatchGuard AP passphrase is also the passphrase you use to log in to the Access Point web UI (AP100/102, AP200, AP300) of a paired AP.

In Fireware v12.1 and higher, you can no longer log in to the web UI of an AP100/102, AP200, AP300. You must use the Gateway Wireless Controller to manage these devices.

When you enable the Gateway Wireless Controller on the Firebox, you manually set the WatchGuard AP passphrase. The Gateway Wireless Controller then automatically creates and manages unique passphrases for each AP.

You can change the AP passphrase in the Gateway Wireless Controller Settings dialog box. For more information, see Configure Gateway Wireless Controller Settings.

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