ARP Table

To see the ARP table for the Firebox:

Select System Status > ARP Table.

The ARP Table page includes devices that have responded to an ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) request from the Firebox:

IP Address

The IP address of the computer that responds to the ARP request.

Hardware Type

The type of Ethernet connection that the IP address uses to connect.


If the hardware address of the IP resolves, it is marked as valid. If it does not, it is marked as invalid.

A valid hardware address can briefly appear as invalid while the Firebox waits for a response for the ARP request.

HW Address

The MAC address of the network interface card that is associated with the IP address.


The interface on the Firebox where the hardware address for that IP address was found. The Linux kernel name for the interface is shown in parentheses.

For more information about the System Status pages, see Monitor your Firebox with Fireware Web UI.