Configure spamBlocker to Quarantine Email

The WatchGuard Quarantine Server provides a safe, full-featured quarantine mechanism for any email messages suspected or known to be spam or to contain viruses. This repository receives email messages from the SMTP proxy and filtered by spamBlocker.

To configure spamBlocker to quarantine email:

  1. When you configure spamBlocker you must make sure you enable spamBlocker for the SMTP proxy. The POP3 and IMAP proxies do not support the Quarantine Server.
  2. When you set the actions spamBlocker applies for different categories of email, make sure you select the Quarantine action for at least one of the categories.

You can also select the Quarantine action for email messages identified by Virus Outbreak Detection to contain viruses. For more information, see Configure Virus Outbreak Detection Actions.

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