Configure IPS Exceptions

When you enable the IPS feature, the Firebox examines traffic to look for patterns of traffic that match the signatures of known intrusions. When an IPS signature match occurs, the Firebox denies the content and the intrusion is blocked. If you want to allow traffic that is blocked by an IPS signature, you can find the identification number for the signature (the signature ID) and add the signature ID to the IPS exception list.

Find the IPS Signature ID

When the Firebox blocks a connection based on a match with an IPS signature, the signature ID appears in the log file if you have enabled logging for IPS. To see which IPS signature blocked the connection, look in the log file for the IPS signature ID number. If a connection that you want to allow is blocked by an IPS signature, use the signature ID to add an IPS exception to allow that connection.

In Firebox System Manager or Fireware Web UI, you can look up the IPS signature ID to see information about the threat a signature ID represents. For more information, see Show IPS Signature Information.

Add an IPS Signature Exception

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