Troubleshoot DNSWatchGO Client

If you experience issues with DNSWatchGO Client, often the simplest fix is to restart the client service. For more information on how to restart the service, see Stop or Start DNSWatchGO.

If you continue to have an issue, at the command prompt, run nslookup and verify that your DNS server is localhost

In DNSWatchGO Client v0.10.2 or higher, you can use the diagnostics tool to gather additional information.

Before you report an issue to WatchGuard, run a diagnostics report to get a snapshot of the state of the device when the issue occurred. Include the diagnostics information with your report.

The diagnostic report provides three types of information.

  • The current client configuration:
    • The DNS servers the client uses to resolve DNS
    • The network configuration of the device
  • The network configuration on the client with protection turned on. This information confirms that:
    • Adapters are properly configured to point to the client
    • The device can resolve DNS requests with protection turned on
  • The device network configuration when the client is turned off or paused. This information confirms that:
    • Adapters are properly configured to their original configuration
    • DNS query responses are the same as with protection turned on

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