View DNSWatch Team Members


All members of your WatchGuard Portal account are automatically added as team members in your DNSWatch account the first time they log into the WatchGuard Portal and select the option to manage DNSWatch.

In your DNSWatch account settings, the Team Members list shows the name, email addresses, and status of users in your WatchGuard Portal account who have logged in to DNSWatch.

DNSWatch sends notification emails to the email address associated with the user account. If a user does not want to receive email notifications from DNSWatch, the user must edit the DNSWatch notification settings. For more information, see Configure DNSWatch Notification Settings.

You cannot edit the email address, name, or status for a user from the DNSWatch Team Members list. To change the email address for a user, the user must edit their profile in the WatchGuard Portal.

You can see and manage user accounts in your WatchGuard Portal account. For more information, see Manage User Accounts in the WatchGuard Portal .

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