Look Up DLP Rules on the Security Portal

To get more information about a DLP content control rule, you can look it up by name on the WatchGuard Security Portal at https://www.watchguard.com/SecurityPortal/.

For each rule, the security portal shows a quantity. The quantity is a measure of the weighted number of matches a rule must find in a scanned object in order to consider it a DLP violation. The quantity does not always correspond exactly to the number of text matches in the scanned content required to trigger the rule.

You cannot modify the base quantity of matches for DLP rules in your configuration.

A DLP rule can use multiple expressions to find matching text patterns in a scanned object. To improve the accuracy of content matches, DLP rules internally use weights to adjust the number of matches required, and to adjust the sensitivity of the rule to text that matches each of several expressions within the rule. Because the quantity is not a simple count, a scanned object that triggers a DLP violation could seem to have fewer matches than the quantity associated with the rule.

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