Botnet Site Exceptions

You can create exceptions to the Botnet Detection sites list. These entries are configured and processed as Blocked Site Exceptions. When you add a site to the exceptions list, traffic from that site is not blocked, even if it is included in the Blocked Sites list as a result of the Botnet Detection feature. Traffic from sites on the exceptions list is also not automatically blocked by features such as Default Threat Protection, and by block actions configured in a proxy policy. For more information, see Create Blocked Sites Exceptions.

When you add a site to the Botnet Detection, Geolocation, or Blocked Sites Exceptions lists, the site is not blocked by any of those services or by Default Packet Handling.

You can add an exception for:

  • IP address
  • Network IP address range
  • Host IP address range
  • Host name (one time DNS lookup)
  • FQDN (includes wildcard domains).

For more information about how to use FQDN in exemptions and policies, see About Policies by Domain Name (FQDN).

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