Monitor Downloads and File Transfers

Application Control includes two general purpose applications in the File sharing services and tools category called Web File Transfer and FTP Applications that you can use to record log messages for common download and file transfer activity.

Web File Transfer

Web File Transfer is a general application that detects the download of common file formats that are often downloaded through popular P2P and File Transfer programs, including: bz2 ,doc , exe , gz, pdf, ppt, rar , rpm, tar, xls, zip, torrent, dll, manifest, xdap, deploy, xps, , xaml, application, mkv, and dat. It also covers HTTP upload of files.

FTP Applications

FTP Applications is an application that detects a range of FTP commands —pass, list, eprt, epsv, create directory, delete directory, get (binary and ascii), put (binary and ascii), passive and active file transfer.

These applications are best used to generate log messages of activity. Consider the implications carefully before you decide to block these applications, or the general File Transfer category.