Manage Facebook Applications

Some applications, such as Facebook, contain multiple application types that Application Control can identify. You can use Application Control to granularly control which applications your users can use.

Facebook is a social networking site that includes a large number of features and applications. You can use Application Control to block some or all Facebook applications. For example, you can configure an Application Control action that allows Facebook, but blocks the use of Facebook games or IM. Or you can block the use of all Facebook applications.

You can see the list of Facebook applications when you configure an Application Control action for your device, or you can search for facebook in the Application Control security portal at

Screen shot of the Application Control Security Portal page, with a list of Facebook applications

Application Control can identify and block different types of Facebook activity.


Identifies attempts to log in to Facebook or see Facebook web pages.

Facebook Video

Identifies video uploads to Facebook.

Facebook Message

Identifies Facebook chat sessions.

Facebook Like

Identifies status and picture likes on Facebook.

Facebook Share

Identifies status and link shares on Facebook.

Facebook Comment

Identifies comments on Facebook posts.

Facebook Game

Identifies the top 25 most popular Facebook games.

Facebook Applications

Identifies all applications available through the Facebook apps directory.

Facebook Plug-in

Identifies all Facebook social plug-ins that can be embedded in other sites on the Internet. This includes plug-ins such as Like and Comments. To see the current list of Facebook social plug-ins, see

Facebook Post

Identifies information posts to Facebook. This includes:

  • Post a message to the wall
  • Share status
  • Share a link

Facebook MediaUpload

Identifies media uploads (for example, pictures, videos) to Facebook.

Facebook EditProfile

Identifies Facebook user profile updates.

To block Facebook applications:

  1. Create or edit an Application Control action.
  2. In the search text box, type facebook.
    The list of applications is filtered to show only the Facebook applications.
  3. Select one or more Facebook applications to block.
  4. Select Edit. Set the action for the selected applications to Block.
  5. Apply the Application Control action to your policies.

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