About Networks and Network Security

A network is a group of computers and other devices that are connected to each other. It can be two computers in the same room, dozens of computers in an organization, or many computers around the world connected through the Internet. Computers on the same network can work together and share data.

Although networks like the Internet give you access to a large quantity of information and business opportunities, they can also open your network to attackers. Many people think that their computers hold no important information, or that a hacker is not interested in their computers. This is not correct. A hacker can use your computer as a platform to attack other computers or networks. Information from your organization, including personal information about users, employees, or customers, is also valuable to hackers.

Your Firebox can also help you find and prevent attacks to your computer or network. We recommend that you configure your Firebox to match your security policy, and think about threats from both inside and outside your organization.

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