About Management Server Settings

The WatchGuard Management Server enables you to centrally manage multiple Fireboxes and VPN tunnels of a distributed enterprise from one management interface. The workstation that is configured as the Management Server also operates as a Certificate Authority (CA).

When you use the Quick Setup Wizard to set up your Firebox, you can configure the management server settings for the device.

  1. In the Management Server IP Address text box, type the IP address of the Management Server if it has a public IP address.
    Or, select the public IP address of the gateway Firebox for the Management Server.
  2. In the Shared Secret and the Confirm Secret text boxes, type the shared secret.
    The shared secret you type here must match the shared secret you type when you add the device to the Management Server configuration.
  3. In the Management Server CA Certificate text box, paste the contents of the CA-Admin.pem file as your certificate. This file is in
    \My Documents\My WatchGuard\certs\<device_IP_address>

For more information about the Management Server, see Install and Set Up the WatchGuard Management Server.