Configure Two VLANs on the Same Interface

A network interface on a Firebox is a member of more than one VLAN when the switch that connects to that interface carries traffic from more than one VLAN. This example shows how to connect one switch that is configured for two different VLANs to a single interface on the Firebox.

This diagram shows the configuration for this example.

A diagram of the VLAN architecture described in this topic. The Firebox or XTM device is connected to a single switch, which is itself connected to two different VLANs: VLAN10 for Accounting, and VLAN20 for Sales.

In this example, computers on both VLANs connect to the same 802.1Q switch, and the switch connects to interface 3 on the Firebox.

Each device on these two VLANs must set the IP address of the default gateway to be the IP address configured for the VLAN. In this example:

  • Devices on VLAN10 must use as their default gateway.
  • Devices on VLAN20 must use as their default gateway.

Configure the VLAN Settings in Fireware Web UI

Configure the VLAN Settings in Policy Manager

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