About PoE Interfaces

Some Firebox models, such as the Firebox M440, include PoE (Power over Ethernet) interfaces, compliant with the IEEE 802.3 standard. These interfaces can supply power to connected PoE devices, such as a WatchGuard AP300. There are no configuration settings to enable or disable PoE on these interfaces. You can use Firebox System Manager or the command line interface (CLI) to see the power status of these interfaces.

In Firebox System Manager, the Status Report tab shows status information for the PoE interfaces. You can also use the CLI command diagnose hardware poe to see the same status information.

To see the PoE interface status in Firebox System Manager:

  1. Start WatchGuard System Manager and connect to your Firebox.
  2. Launch Firebox System Manager.
  3. Select the Status Report tab.
  4. Find the Status of PoE Ports section.

For each interface, the report shows


The interface number

Power State

The power state of each interface. The state is on if the interface supplies power to a connected device.

PD Class

Indicates the powered device class of a connected device powered by the PoE interface.

Here is an example of this section of the Status Report for a Firebox M440 with PoE devices connected to two interfaces:

Status of PoE ports
Port   Power  PD
       State  Class
eth9   off    n/a
eth10  on     class 4
eth11  off    n/a
eth12  on     class 4
eth13  off    n/a
eth14  off    n/a
eth15  off    n/a
eth16  off    n/a

For more information about how to use the command line interface for hardware diagnostics, see the Fireware Command Line Interface Reference available at https://www.watchguard.com/wgrd-help/documentation/xtm.