Use Device Groups in Policies and Aliases

Mobile Security enables you to block traffic from Android and iOS devices that are not compliant with the compliance settings you specify for your network. To control traffic to and from Android and iOS devices, you can also use Device Groups in policies and aliases. Mobile Security must be enabled on the Firebox for it to identify Android and iOS devices and add Device Groups in policies.

Mobile Security is only available for Firebox M and T Series, FireboxV, and XTMv models.

Your Firebox has three predefined Device Groups for mobile devices.

  • Any-iOS — All iOS devices
  • Any-Android — All Android devices
  • Any-Mobile — All iOS and Android devices

Mobile devices are added to these Device Groups dynamically as the mobile devices connect to your network. You cannot edit these Device Groups and you cannot see a list of members. You can see which Device Groups each mobile device is a member of from the Mobile Security and Network Discovery Dashboard pages in Fireware Web UI. For more information, see Mobile Security and Network Discovery.

Use a Device Group in a Policy

Add a Device Group as a Member of an Alias

You can also add a Device Group as a member of an alias, and then specify that alias in policies on your Firebox.

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