Monitor Hardware Health

The hardware health monitor feature on your Firebox enables your device to periodically monitor its own health. The hardware areas that are monitored depend on your device model and include:

  • CPU and system fan speed
  • CPU and system temperature
  • Voltage
  • Hardware crypto chip
  • Replaceable power supply
  • Hard disk (for devices with a hard disk)

Log messages are generated for the hardware health monitor feature when the Error Diagnostic Log Level is selected for the Management category. When a failure in any of the specified hardware areas is detected, the device generates both a diagnostic and an alarm log message, and sends an email notification message. You cannot select which type of notification message you receive for a hardware health monitor message; only the email notification option is available. If the hardware health monitor detects an error in the Firebox voltage, a log message is generated, but a notification message is not sent. If an alarm log message is generated by the hardware health monitor, you can see the log message in Traffic Monitor.

Each hardware health monitor log message includes hwmond in the text of the message, and specifies which hardware area is out of range. For example:

Nov 1 19:27:43 2012 Firebox local3.err hwmond[803]: Warning:'Sys Fan1' is out of valid range[1000.000000-15000.000000],current value 0.000000

In this example, the hardware monitor has discovered that a system fan operation is outside the normal range. The valid range is 1000–15,000, but the current value for the fan is 0.

Hardware health monitor is supported on all Firebox models except T10, T15, T35, Firebox Cloud, and FireboxV, and on all XTM models except XTM 25, XTM 26, XTM 33, and XTMv.

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