Integrate Your Firebox with ConnectWise

You can configure your Firebox to integrate with ConnectWise, a professional service automation tool. This integration enables service providers to automatically synchronize customer asset information for more efficient device management and monitoring.

  • Auto Synchronization of Asset Information — Automatically synchronizes your Firebox asset information and the status of your security service subscription, which includes subscription start and end dates, device serial numbers, and OS versions.

Before you configure ConnectWise integration, make sure the Firebox device asset that you want to automatically synchronize with ConnectWise is not already defined in an existing ConnectWise configuration. Asset synchronization occurs only for Firebox device assets added through automatic synchronization. You must remove any existing ConnectWise configuration associated with the Firebox before you configure Firebox integration.

  • Closed-Loop Ticketing of System, Security, and Subscription Events — Configure event thresholds for a wide range of parameters to automatically trigger the creation and closure of tickets, such as security services, device statistics, and subscription statuses. This feature eliminates ticket flooding and false alarms, and automatically closes tickets when issues are resolved. If an event occurs again, the same ticket is reopened so that you can track repeated occurrences of the same event. You can also configure the default priority of tickets. For more information, see Integrate Your Firebox with ConnectWise.

When ConnectWise closes a Firebox ticket, it checks for any Closed status types to use when it closes the ticket. If there are multiple Closed status types, the integration uses the first item in the list.

  • Automated Reporting — Data from your WatchGuard reports are sent to ConnectWise and included in the ConnectWise Executive Summary Reports. This includes data from the Device Statistics, Web Usage Statistics, and Intrusion Prevention Service summary reports.
    For more information about how to integrate reports generated by your Report Server or Dimension with ConnectWise, see Configure ConnectWise Integration for Reports.

Configure ConnectWise for Firebox Integration

Before you integrate your Firebox with ConnectWise, you must create a pair of API keys in ConnectWise to enable the Firebox to communicate with the ConnectWise server.

For more information on how to configure ConnectWise for integration with your Firebox, including API keys, configuration questions, and ticket management, see About ConnectWise Integration and Configuration.

Configure the ConnectWise Settings on Your Firebox

You can configure the ConnectWise integration settings from Fireware Web UI or Policy Manager.

Your Firebox sends traffic to ConnectWise over HTTPS on TCP port 443. If the external link to the Internet is down, communication with ConnectWise, which includes ticket management activity, resumes automatically when external connectivity is restored.

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