Connect to a Device with WatchGuard System Manager

To connect to a Firebox with WatchGuard System Manager (WSM):

  1. Start WatchGuard System Manager.
  2. Click the Connect to Device icon.
    Or, select File > Connect to Device.
    Or, right-click anywhere on the WSM Device Status tab and select Connect To > Device.
    The Connect to Firebox dialog box appears.

Screen shot of the Connect to Firebox dialog box

  1. In the IP Address or Name text box, type or select the name or IP address of your Firebox.
    For future connections to this Firebox, you can select the device name or IP address from the IP Address or Name drop-down list.
  2. In the User Name and Passphrase text boxes, type the credentials for a Device Monitor (read-only) user account.

User accounts with a Device Monitor role are used to monitor traffic and Firebox conditions. You must be logged in as a Device Administrator to save the configuration changes to the device. For more information about roles on your Firebox, go to Manage Users and Roles on Your Firebox.

  1. From the Authentication Server drop-down list, select the correct authentication server for the user account you specified.
  2. For Active Directory authentication, in the Domain text box, type the domain name of your Active Directory server.
  3. (Fireware v12.5 or higher) For RADIUS authentication, in the Domain text box, type the domain name specified in the RADIUS configuration on the Firebox.

If your configuration includes a RADIUS server, and you upgrade to Fireware v12.5 or higher, the Firebox automatically uses RADIUS as the domain name for that server. To authenticate to that server, users must select RADIUS as the server and type RADIUS as the domain name.

  1. (Optional) Change the value in the Timeout text box. This value sets the time (in seconds) that the management computer listens for data from the device before it sends a message that shows that it cannot get data from the device.
    If you have a slow network or Internet connection to the device, you can increase the timeout value. If you decrease the value, the time you must wait for a timeout message decreases if you try to connect to a device that is not available.
  2. Click Login.
    The device appears in WatchGuard System Manager.

Disconnect from a Device 

  1. Select the Device Status tab.
  2. Select the device.
  3. Click disconnect from device icon.
    Or, select File > Disconnect.
    Or, right-click and select Disconnect.

Disconnect from all Devices

If you are connected to more than one Firebox, you can disconnect from them all at the same time.

  1. Select the Device Status tab.
  2. Select File > Disconnect All.
    Or, right-click and select Disconnect All.

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