spamBlocker Statistics

The Subscription Services tab of Firebox System Manager includes current Firebox statistics about spamBlocker activity that occurred after the last device restart. The statistics include the number and the percentage position for each message type in these categories.

Some of the statistics described in this topic are not available in Fireware Beta v12.5.4 and higher or Fireware v12.1.4 to Fireware v12.1.x.

Messages since last restart that are confirmed as:

  • Bulk email
    This option is only available for Firebox or XTM devices that run Fireware OS v11.7 and lower.
  • Confirmed spam
  • Suspected spam
  • Not spam

Messages since last restart that are:

  • Blocked
  • Tagged
  • Sent to the Quarantine Server

Messages since last restart that are blocked or allowed because of a spamBlocker exceptions list that you created:

  • Black list — Exceptions that deny additional sites
  • White list — Exceptions that allow additional sites

If you reboot the device, all counters reset to zero.

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