Gateway AntiVirus Statistics

The Firebox System Manager Subscription Services tab includes current statistics about the Gateway AntiVirus feature.

Screen shot of the Gateway Antivirus section on the FSM Security Services tab

Activity since last restart

Viruses found — Number of viruses found in scanned files since the last device restart.

Objects scanned — Number of files scanned for viruses since the last device restart.

Objects not scanned — Number of files not scanned for viruses since the last device restart.


Installed version — Version number of the installed signatures.

Last update — Date of the last signature update.

Version available — The version of the signatures that is currently available.

History — Click to show a list of all the signature updates. You can select a signature from the list and right-click it to copy information on the selected update, or the entire list of updates.

Screen shot of the AV Signature Update History dialog box

Update — Click to update your virus signatures.

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