Changes that Require a Firebox Cloud Reboot

If you change the configuration of the network interfaces assigned to your Firebox Cloud instance in AWS or Azure, a reboot might be required for the Firebox to recognize the change. You can restart Firebox Cloud from the AWS console, or from Fireware Web UI.

If you add interfaces to a Firebox Cloud instance, you must reboot Firebox Cloud twice for new interfaces to receive IP addresses.

The types of changes that require a reboot depend on the version of Fireware.

Fireware v12.4 and Higher

In Fireware v12.4 and higher, you must reboot the Firebox after you add or remove a network interface.

If you make changes to an interface that Firebox Cloud already uses, a reboot is not required. Firebox Cloud detects the change within five minutes after you save the change in AWS or Azure.

Fireware v12.3.x and Lower

In Fireware v12.3.x and lower, you must reboot the Firebox after you:

  • Add or remove a network interface
  • Change interface configuration
  • Manually assign an elastic IP address to an interface

To restart Firebox Cloud from Fireware Web UI:

  1. Connect to Fireware Web UI.
  2. On the Front Panel page, click Reboot.

If you added an interface, repeat these steps to restart Firebox Cloud a second time.