Administer Firebox Cloud with the CLI

For most Firebox Cloud administration tasks, we recommend that you use Fireware Web UI. You can also use the Fireware command line interface (CLI) to administer your instance of Firebox Cloud. To connect to the Fireware CLI you must have a terminal client that supports SSH2 and public key authentication.

If you did not specify a key pair when you launched your instance of Firebox Cloud, you cannot connect to Firebox Cloud with the Fireware CLI.

To connect to your Firebox Cloud with the Fireware CLI, use an SSH terminal client and specify these settings:

  • User name — The Device Administrator user name that you use to log in to Fireware Web UI
  • Private key — The private key file for your instance of Firebox Cloud
  • Address — The public IP address of Eth0 for your instance of Firebox Cloud
  • Port — 4118

For information about how to use the CLI to manage Fireware, go to the Fireware Command Line Interface Reference.

Reset the Firebox to Factory-Default Settings

If you want to run the Web Setup Wizard again for a Firebox Cloud instance, you can use the CLI to reset the virtual machine to factory default settings.

To reset the Firebox to factory-default settings:

  1. Log in to the CLI with the admin account.
  2. Run the command restore factory-default.

When you reset a Firebox Cloud instance with a BYOL license to factory-default settings, this also resets the Firebox serial number. To restore the serial number, you must add the device feature key to the Firebox configuration.