Connect to WatchGuard Dimension

To connect to WatchGuard Dimension, open a web browser and type the IP address for Dimension that you configured in the WatchGuard Dimension Setup Wizard. Because WatchGuard Dimension uses the standard port for HTTPS connections (443), you do not have to type the port number when you connect to Dimension.

Because different web browsers have different default operations and interface element labels, some of the interface labels and operation actions that you see in your web browser might be different than those described in the procedures in Fireware Help.

You can use WatchGuard Dimension with these browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox v22 and higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and later
  • Google Chrome v29 and later
  • Apple Safari 5 and later
  • Apple Safari on iOS 6 and later
  • Most mobile device browsers

When you log in to Dimension, the available options depend on how many server types you have configured:

  • If more than one server type is configured, the authentication server drop-down list appears.
  • If Active Directory and RADIUS authentication is enabled on Dimension, the server selection drop-down list appears and you must select the type of server before you can specify your user credentials.
  • If your administrator has added more than one Active Directory or RADIUS server, the server selection is automatic. Dimension automatically contacts each Active Directory server or RADIUS server in the list to find your user credentials.

To connect to WatchGuard Dimension:

  1. Open a web browser and type https://<IP address of Dimension>.
    The WatchGuard Dimension login page opens.
  2. If Active Directory and RADIUS authentication is enabled, from the Authentication Server drop-down list, select the server where your user credentials are stored:
    • Local — The local Dimension database
    • Active Directory
    • RADIUS
  3. In the User Name and Passphrase text boxes, type your user credentials.
  4. Click Log In.
    If your user credentials are stored in a RADIUS authentication server, and your administrator has enabled the challenge response feature, you must specify the challenge response before you can log in.
  5. (RADIUS Only) In the Challenge Response text box, type your RADIUS challenge response. Click OK.

When you log in, WatchGuard Dimension appears with the Home > Devices page selected.

After you connect to Dimension, you can configure Dimension settings, view log messages and reports, and connect to Fireboxes managed by Dimension.

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