Use Novell eDirectory for LDAP Authentication

You can use an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) authentication server to authenticate your users to your Firebox. LDAP is an open-standard protocol for use with online directory services, and it operates with Internet transport protocols such as TCP. WatchGuard LDAP authentication does not support LDAP over TLS. This topic describes how to configure Novell eDirectory to use with protocols other than TLS.

WatchGuard provides interoperability instructions to help our customers configure WatchGuard products to work with third-party products created by other organizations. If you need more information or technical support about configuring a non-WatchGuard product, consult the documentation and support resources for that product. WatchGuard cannot provide technical support for non-WatchGuard products.

Before You Begin

Before you configure Novell eDirectory, you must configure LDAP authentication. For instructions, see Configure LDAP Authentication.

Configure the Novell LDAP Server

Use Novell iManager to edit the eDirectory LDAP server and LDAP group settings.

  1. Open the Properties of LDAP Server dialog box.
  2. Click the SSL/TLS Configuration tab to edit the LDAP server properties.
  3. Make sure that the Require TLS for All Operations check box is not selected.
    If you change this setting, click Apply.

Screen shot of the Properties of LDAP Server dialog box

  1. Open the Properties of LDAP Group dialog box.
  2. Click the General tab and edit the LDAP group properties.
  3. Clear the Require TLS for simple binds with password check box.
    If you change this setting, click Apply.

Screen shot of the Novell iManager Properties of LDAP Group dialog box, General tab

  1. Refresh the LDAP server to activate your configuration changes.

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