Map ConnectWise Automate Clients and WatchGuard Cloud Accounts

After you configure the WatchGuard Endpoint Security plug-in and test the connection for WatchGuard Cloud API access to your WatchGuard Cloud account, you must associate your accounts between ConnectWise Automate and WatchGuard Cloud. If you have not yet configured the plug-in, see Configure the WatchGuard Endpoint Security Plug-in.

The first time you open the Associate Clients page, the client list shows the clients that you manage in ConnectWise Automate, and a list of all WatchGuard Cloud accounts you manage that have an endpoint protection product license.

This enables you to map a WatchGuard Cloud managed account to the corresponding client account in ConnectWise Automate.

To associate ConnectWise Automate and WatchGuard Cloud accounts:

  1. Select Configuration > Clients mapping.
    The Associate Clients page opens.

Screen shot of the Associate Clients page in the WatchGuard Endpoint Security plug-in

  1. Select a ConnectWise Automate client account that you want to associate with a WatchGuard Cloud account.

To filter the list to only show clients that are not currently associated, enable Show only unassociated clients.

  1. From the WatchGuard Client drop-down list, select the WatchGuard Cloud managed account to associate with the selected ConnectWise Automate client account.
  • The WGC ID column shows the WatchGuard Cloud account ID of the selected account.
  • The License column shows the endpoint security product license information for the selected WatchGuard account.

To remove an association, from the drop-down list, choose Select a client.

  1. To automatically install WatchGuard endpoint security products on all computers in the client account after you associate the accounts, select the Auto Deploy check box.

The device must already have the ConnectWise Automate agent installed to process and schedule the installation of the WatchGuard agent. The ConnectWise Automate process that schedules installation tasks runs every 12 hours. It might take up to 12 hours to install the WatchGuard agent on client computers.

  1. From the Network Settings drop-down list, select a network configuration to apply to a device when you install WatchGuard endpoint security products.

These network settings contain the necessary network information such as proxies, cache, and discovery services required to install WatchGuard endpoint security products, and are managed in your WatchGuard endpoint security product configuration.

  1. When you complete your client associations, click Save.

When the association process is complete, you can monitor and manage your clients. For more information, see Manage Clients.

Troubleshooting Client Mapping Associations

If your WatchGuard clients do not appear in the list, check the following:

  • There must only be one active product license of these types for WatchGuard Endpoint Security:
    • Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response (EPDR)
    • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
    • Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)
  • The client must have a product license
  • The product license must be valid and not expired
  • You must have available licenses or an unlimited license