Multi-Tenant Endpoint Security Management — Assign Endpoint Security Settings

Applies To: WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR, WatchGuard EPP

To access the multi-tenant management UI, your Service Provider account must have an active WatchGuard Endpoint Security license in its inventory.

Service Providers can assign security settings profiles to their tenant accounts and account groups. They can assign settings in the settings profile or they can drag setting profiles to accounts on the Settings page. When they assign a settings profile, it is automatically applied to the All group in the Endpoint Security management UI of the target account.

For information on settings ownership and exceptions, see Multi-Tenant Endpoint Security Management — Ownership and Exceptions.

When you do not want to automatically apply the settings profile to the All group, Service Providers can send the settings profile to an account or account group. In WatchGuard Endpoint Security, the endpoint security user can then assign the settings profile to the appropriate recipients. For more information, see Send the Profile to an Account.

View Assigned Settings

When you assign settings, a number appears next to the profile name to show that it is assigned to an account. This number increases each time you assign the profile to an account.

To view the accounts that a settings profile is assigned to:

  • Point the mouse at the number next to the profile.
    A colored lined connects the profile to the accounts it is assigned to.

If the list of accounts in the left pane shows a black number in the colored line, then there are accounts in the folder with exceptions applied to the settings. For information on inheritance and exceptions, see Multi-Tenant Endpoint Security Management — Ownership and Exceptions.

Unassign an Account from a Security Settings Profile

You can unassign an account or account group from a security settings profile. When you unassign an account or account group, the computers and devices that belong to the account inherit the security settings from a group at a higher group or the All group.

To unassign an account or account group from a profile:

  1. From WatchGuard Cloud Account Manager, select a Service Provider account.

    To select your own Service Provider account, select Overview. Or, select a tier-2 Service Provider account.
  2. Select Configure > Endpoints.
  3. On the Settings page, select the settings type for the profile you want to unassign recipients from.
  4. Select the profile from the list.
  5. Click the existing recipients.
    The Recipients page opens.

Screen shot of Service Provider Endpoint Manager, unassign recipients

  1. Click × next to the group name.
  2. Click Delete.

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