Titania Nipper Integration Overview

The Titania Nipper Studio® is a configuration auditing tool, which helps you harden and secure vital network devices, such as firewalls, switches and routers. This document describes the steps to import the Firebox configuration in to Titania Nipper Studio to view an audit report.

Platform and Software

The hardware and software used to complete the steps outlined in this document include:

  • WatchGuard Firebox with Fireware v12.5.3
  • Titania Nipper 2.6.4

Titania Web Site Information


Titania Nipper Studio should be installed and you should have access to the WatchGuard Firebox configuration file in XML format.

Retrieve the WatchGuard Firebox Configuration File

Fireware Web UI

  1. Log in to Fireware Web UI at https://<your firebox IP address>:8080.
  2. Select System > Configuration File.
  3. Click Download the Configuration File.
  4. Sreen shot of Firebox, Configuration File

    The file <firewall_name>.xml.gz downloads. You must extract the XML file with a gzip utility like 7-zip.

Import the XML File to Titania Nipper

  1. Install Titania Nipper.
    If Titania Nipper is already installed, go to step 4.
    • If this is the first installation of Nipper, click Add License. Enter the Serial Number and Activation Code. Click Next.
    • For information on how to install Nipper, see the Titania Nipper documentation.

    Screen shot of Titania nipper, picture1 Screen shot of Titania nipper, picture2

  1. Accept the license agreement. Click Next.
  2. When the license activation is complete, click Finish.
    The Titania Nipper page opens.
  3. Select New Report.
  4. Sreen shot of Titania nipper, picture3

  1. Click Add File.
  2. Screen shot of Titania nipper, picture4

  1. Navigate to the Firebox configuration file you downloaded from the Fireware Web UI. Click Open.
  2. Screen shot of Titania nipper, picture5

  1. Click Next.
    A list of report sections shows.
  2. Screen shot of Titania nipper, picture6

  1. Select the sections you want to include in your report. Click Next.
    If you select reporting types that support a comparison against a previous report, then you are prompted to select a previous Nipper report. The previous report must be a Nipper report saved in XML format.
  2. Screen shot of Titania nipper, picture7

  1. Click Next.
    The Create Report progress bar opens.
  2. When the report is created, click Finish.
    The Audit Report opens.
  3. Screen shot of Titania nipper, picture8