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Signature Version: 4.876


EXPLOIT Novell GroupWise Messenger HTTP response handling stack overflow (CVE-2008-2703)
Threat Level: High
Release Date: 2010/3/9
Category: Buffer Overflow
Signature ID: 1111269
Included In: Full
Affected OS: Others
Description: Multiple stack-based buffer overflows in Novell GroupWise Messenger (GWIM) Client before 2.0.3 HP1 for Windows allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via "spoofed server responses" that contain a long string after the NM_A_SZ_TRANSACTION_ID field name.
Impact: Remote code execution
Recommendation: Update vendor's patch.
False Positive: Slightly
False Negative: None
Additional Information (Links open in new window):
Reference(s): CVE-2008-2703

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