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Signature Version: 4.1032
Signature IDNameCategoryThreat LevelIncluded In
1054265EXPLOIT Oracle Secure Backup Administration objectname Variable Command Injection (CVE-2010-0906)Access ControlHighFull
1054430WEB HP OpenView Network Node Manager jovgraph.exe displayWidth Buffer Overflow -1 (CVE-2011-0261)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1054471EXPLOIT HP OpenView Network nnmRptConfig.exe nameParams text1 Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-0268)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1054476EXPLOIT HP OpenView NNM schdParams and nameParams buffer overflow (CVE-2011-0267)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1055061WEB Oracle Secure Backup Administration Server validate_login Command Injection -1 (CVE-2011-2261)Web AttacksHighFull
1055155WEB Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway NULL Session Cookie Denial of Service (CVE-2011-2012)Web AttacksHighFull
1055157WEB Symantec IM Manager Web Interface ProcessAction Code Execution (CVE-2011-0554)Web AttacksHighFull
1055535WEB Novell iManager Create Attribute EnteredAttrName Buffer Overflow -1.a (CVE-2011-4188)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110064WEB Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy_ftp Wildcard Characters Cross-Site Scripting (CVE-2008-2939)Web AttacksHighFull
1111269EXPLOIT Novell GroupWise Messenger HTTP response handling stack overflow (CVE-2008-2703)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1112378NETBIOS Microsoft Windows SMB Client Message Size Vulnerability (CVE-2010-0477)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1133932IEC/ICCP ICS Schneider Electric U.motion Builder track_import_export.php SQL Injection - 1.2 (CVE-2017-7973)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1133933IEC/ICCP ICS Schneider Electric U.motion Builder track_import_export.php SQL Injection - 1.3 (CVE-2017-7973)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1133934IEC/ICCP ICS Schneider Electric U.motion Builder localize.php SQL Injection (CVE-2017-7973)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1052003EXPLOIT Veritas Backup Exec Agent CONNECT_CLIENT_AUTH Buffer Overflow -2 (CVE-2005-0773)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051995IMAP Ipswitch Imail IMAP Server LOGIN Stack Overflow (CVE-2005-1255)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1050702EXPLOIT Cyrus IMSPD Remote Root OverflowBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051094EXPLOIT ISS ICQ parsing vulnerability (CVE-2004-0362)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051231DB Firebird Database Remote Database Name Overflow (CVE-2004-2043)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1057968WEB URI Handler Buffer Overflow - MKCOLBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1057969WEB URI Handler Buffer Overflow - SEARCHBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1057970WEB URI Handler Buffer Overflow - UNLOCKBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1057971WEB URI Handler Buffer Overflow - LOCKBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1049954WEB Apache Mod SSLVirus/WormCriticalFull
1050336SMTP Sendmail Header Processing Buffer OverflowBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051674WEB Local File Inclusion win.ini -2Access ControlCriticalFull
1050352TELNET Multiple Vendor System V Derived login Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-2001-0797)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1050107WEB http-php_strings_exploit-portal-tf8Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1050128WEB http-php_strings_exploit-atstakeAccess ControlCriticalFull
1048753DNS Multiple Vendor BIND (NXT Overflow and Denial of Service) Vulnerabilities (CVE-1999-0833)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1048756DNS BIND Multiple VulnerabilitiesBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1050106WEB active-BackOrifice1-web (CVE-1999-0660)Backdoor/TrojanCriticalFull
1050109FTP active-BackConstruction 2.1 ftp open reply (CVE-1999-0660)Backdoor/TrojanCriticalFull
1050135RPC Solaris sadmind Disabled Authentication Vulnerability (CVE-1999-0977)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1050337RPC Solaris sadmind Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-1999-0977)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1054348DOS IIS4 Exair DOS -2 (CVE-1999-0449)Dos/DDoSCriticalFull
1054349DOS IIS4 Exair DOS -3 (CVE-1999-0449)Dos/DDoSCriticalFull
1056245VULN HTTP Connect Header buffer overflowBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051158WEB Microsoft IIS 5 SSL remote root exploitBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1049196SHELLCODE Linux /bin/shBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051722WEB-CLIENT Generic Javascript Obfuscation -2MiscCriticalFull
1056155WEB SQL injection select from attempt -4Web AttacksCriticalFull
1051092EXPLOIT eSignal v7.6 remote buffer overflowBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051195RPC Windows Lsasrv.dll RPC Overflow (Sasser)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051196RPC Windows Lsasrv.dll RPC Overflow Unicode (Sasser)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1054210Botnet RBL ViolationBotNetHighFull
1054925WEB SQL injection or attempt -1Web AttacksCriticalFull
1056685Malicious URL in HTTP RequestBotNetHighFull
1057895BGP Border Gateway Protocol AnomalyMiscHighFull
1059547C2 Activity Detected by WRSBotNetHighFull

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