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Signature Version: 4.800
Signature IDNameCategoryThreat LevelIncluded In
1054476EXPLOIT HP OpenView NNM schdParams and nameParams buffer overflow (CVE-2011-0267)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1055061WEB Oracle Secure Backup Administration Server validate_login Command Injection -1 (CVE-2011-2261)Web AttacksHighFull
1055155WEB Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway NULL Session Cookie Denial of Service (CVE-2011-2012)Web AttacksHighFull
1055157WEB Symantec IM Manager Web Interface ProcessAction Code Execution (CVE-2011-0554)Web AttacksHighFull
1110064WEB Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy_ftp Wildcard Characters Cross-Site Scripting (CVE-2008-2939)Web AttacksHighFull
1111269EXPLOIT Novell GroupWise Messenger HTTP response handling stack overflow (CVE-2008-2703)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1052003EXPLOIT Veritas Backup Exec Agent CONNECT_CLIENT_AUTH Buffer Overflow -2 (CVE-2005-0773)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1052004WEB-CLIENT Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object Code Arbitrary Command Execution (CVE-2003-0838)Web AttacksHighFull
1054828EXPLOIT Novell Netware XNFS.NLM Stack buffer overflow (CVE-2010-4227)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1111265EXPLOIT Novell Groupwise Internet Agent RCPT Command Buffer Overflow (CVE-2009-0410)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1111362DB Oracle Database Server LT.ROLLBACKWORKSPACE SQL injection -1Access ControlHighFull
1054201WEB-CLIENT Apple Safari Webkit Attribute Child Removal Code Execution -2 (CVE-2010-1119)Web AttacksHighFull
1054278WEB-CLIENT Mozilla Firefox document.write And DOM Insertions memory corruption -3 (CVE-2010-3765)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1054284WEB-ACEIVEX Apple QuickTime QTPlugin.ocx _Marshaled_pUnk Code Execution (CVE-2010-1818)Access ControlHighFull
1054287EXPLOIT RealNetworks RealPlayer FLV Parsing Two integer overflow vulnerabilities (CVE-2010-3000)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1054523EXPLOIT Linux Kernel sctp_rcv_ootb Remote Denial of Service (CVE-2010-0008)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1054649DB IBM Informix Dynamic Server oninit.exe EXPLAIN Stack bffer overflow (CVE-2010-4053)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1054658EXPLOIT Oracle Virtual Server Agent Command Injection -1 (CVE-2010-3582)Access ControlHighFull
1054659WEB-CLIENT Apple Safari WebKit Selections Use After Free (CVE-2010-1812)Access ControlHighFull
1054687DOS Firebird SQL op_connect_request Denial of Service (CVE-2009-2620)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1054701WEB Oracle Secure Backup Administration Server authentication bypass (CVE-2009-1977)Access ControlHighFull
1054821EXPLOIT Cisco WebEx Player .WRF Stack buffer overflow (CVE-2010-3269)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1056322WEB-ACTIVEX Oracle Document Capture ActiveX Control WriteJPG Buffer Overflow -2 (CVE-2010-3599)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1058367DB Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database HTTP Request Denial of Service -2 (BID-38019)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1058401WEB Symantec IM Manager IMAdminScheduleReport.asp SQL Injection (CVE-2010-0112)Web AttacksHighFull
1059118EXPLOIT VideoLAN VLC Renamed Zip File Handling Code Execution -1 (BID-40428)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1059126EXPLOIT Ganglia Meta Daemon process_path Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2009-0241)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110127EXPLOIT Apple QuickTime VR Track Header Atom Heap Corruption (CVE-2009-0002)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1111442WEB nginx URI Parsing Buffer Underflow -4 (CVE-2009-2629)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1112020DB IBM DB2 Database Server Invalid Data Stream Denial of Service (CVE-2009-0173)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1112305EXPLOIT Symantec Alert Management System Intel Alert Originator Service buffer overflow -1Buffer OverflowHighFull
1112591WEB-CLIENT Apple Safari Webkit Option Element ContentEditable Code Execution -1 (CVE-2010-1396)Access ControlHighFull
1130822WEB-ACTIVEX Yahoo Toolbar Internet Explorer 6 Policy Bypass (EDB-14473)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1054202WEB HP Operations Manager Server Unauthorized File Upload (CVE-2009-3843 )Access ControlHighFull
1054662SMB Novell Client NetIdentity Agent Remote Arbitrary Pointer Dereference Code Execution -2 (CVE-2009-1350)Access ControlHighFull
1054685RTSP RealNetworks Helix Server RTSP SETUP Request denial of service -3 (CVE-2009-2534)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1054703WEB Oracle Secure Backup Administration Server command injection -1 (CVE-2009-1978)Access ControlHighFull
1054706DB Oracle Database REPCAT_RPC.VALIDATE_REMOTE_RC SQL injection (CVE-2009-1021)Access ControlHighFull
1057531DOS Squid HTTP Version Number Parsing Denial of Service -1 (CVE-2009-0478)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1058853EXPLOIT Multiple Vendors NTP Daemon Autokey Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2009-1252)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110958WEB ProFTPD Server Username Handling SQL Injection (CVE-2009-0542)MiscHighFull
1112018DB IBM DB2 Database Server CONNECT Request denial of service (CVE-2009-0172)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1112070RTSP RealNetworks Helix Server RTSP SET_PARAMETERS Request Denial of Service -1 (CVE-200902533)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1112162WEB HP Power Manager Remote Code Execution -2 (CVE-2009-2685)Access ControlHighFull
1112281DB Oracle Database Application Express Component APEX Password Hash Disclosure (CVE-2009-0981)MiscHighFull
1112318EXPLOIT Unisys Business Information Server Stack Buffer Overflow -1 (CVE-2009-1628)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1112344WEB HP Power Manager formExportDataLogs Directory Traversal (CVE-2009-4000)Access ControlHighFull
1112396NETBIOS Samba Root File System Access Security Bypass -1 (CVE-2009-0022)Access ControlHighFull
1112518SIP Digium Asterisk SIP sscanf Multiple denial of service vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-2726)Web AttacksHighFull
1112663DB IBM Informix Dynamic Server librpc.dll Multiple Buffer Overflow -1 (CVE-2009-2753)Buffer OverflowHighFull

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