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Signature Version: 4.824
Signature IDNameCategoryThreat LevelIncluded In
1054476EXPLOIT HP OpenView NNM schdParams and nameParams buffer overflow (CVE-2011-0267)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1055061WEB Oracle Secure Backup Administration Server validate_login Command Injection -1 (CVE-2011-2261)Web AttacksHighFull
1055155WEB Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway NULL Session Cookie Denial of Service (CVE-2011-2012)Web AttacksHighFull
1055157WEB Symantec IM Manager Web Interface ProcessAction Code Execution (CVE-2011-0554)Web AttacksHighFull
1110064WEB Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy_ftp Wildcard Characters Cross-Site Scripting (CVE-2008-2939)Web AttacksHighFull
1111269EXPLOIT Novell GroupWise Messenger HTTP response handling stack overflow (CVE-2008-2703)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1133932IEC/ICCP SCADA Schneider Electric U.motion Builder track_import_export.php SQL Injection - 1.2 (CVE-2017-7973)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1133933IEC/ICCP SCADA Schneider Electric U.motion Builder track_import_export.php SQL Injection - 1.3 (CVE-2017-7973)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1133934IEC/ICCP SCADA Schneider Electric U.motion Builder localize.php SQL Injection (CVE-2017-7973)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1052003EXPLOIT Veritas Backup Exec Agent CONNECT_CLIENT_AUTH Buffer Overflow -2 (CVE-2005-0773)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1052004WEB-CLIENT Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object Code Arbitrary Command Execution (CVE-2003-0838)Web AttacksHighFull
1057531DOS Squid HTTP Version Number Parsing Denial of Service -1 (CVE-2009-0478)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1058853EXPLOIT Multiple Vendors NTP Daemon Autokey Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2009-1252)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110958WEB ProFTPD Server Username Handling SQL Injection (CVE-2009-0542)MiscHighFull
1112018DB IBM DB2 Database Server CONNECT Request denial of service (CVE-2009-0172)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1112070RTSP RealNetworks Helix Server RTSP SET_PARAMETERS Request Denial of Service -1 (CVE-200902533)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1112162WEB HP Power Manager Remote Code Execution -2 (CVE-2009-2685)Access ControlHighFull
1112281DB Oracle Database Application Express Component APEX Password Hash Disclosure (CVE-2009-0981)MiscHighFull
1112318EXPLOIT Unisys Business Information Server Stack Buffer Overflow -1 (CVE-2009-1628)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1112344WEB HP Power Manager formExportDataLogs Directory Traversal (CVE-2009-4000)Access ControlHighFull
1112396NETBIOS Samba Root File System Access Security Bypass -1 (CVE-2009-0022)Access ControlHighFull
1112518SIP Digium Asterisk SIP sscanf Multiple denial of service vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-2726)Web AttacksHighFull
1112663DB IBM Informix Dynamic Server librpc.dll Multiple Buffer Overflow -1 (CVE-2009-2753)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110096EXPLOIT Apple QuickTime Crafted HTTP Error Response Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-0234)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1111212DNS Multiple Vendors libspf2 DNS TXT Record Parsing Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-2469)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1111456WEB Red Hat Directory Server Accept-Language HTTP Header Parsing Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-2928)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1111608RPC Trend Micro ServerProtect Multiple RPC Remote Buffer Overflow -2 (CVE-2007-4218)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1112312EXPLOIT Symantec VERITAS Storage Foundation Administrator Service buffer overflow (CVE-2008-0638)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1112358EXPLOIT McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Framework Services (CVE-2008-1357)MiscHighFull
1112408EXPLOIT Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Manager Unauthorized File Upload (CVE-2008-0457)Access ControlHighFull
1112506SIP Digium Asterisk Invalid RTP Payload Type Number Memory Corruption (CVE-2008-1289)Access ControlHighFull
1112509SNMP Castle Rock Computing SNMPc Network Manager Community String Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-2214)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110099EXPLOIT Apple QuickTime FlashPix File buffer overflow -1Buffer OverflowHighFull
1111201SNMP Multiple Vendor SNMPv3 HMAC Handling Authentication Bypass (CVE-2008-0960)Access ControlHighFull
1112013EXPLOIT Firebird XDR Operation Request Handling Denial of Service -1 (CVE-2008-0387)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1054595SMB Motorola Timbuktu Pro PlughNTCommand Stack Based Buffer Overflow -2 (CVE-2009-1394)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1056851EXPLOIT IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment HTTP Server buffer overflow (CVE-2008-0401)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1056894EXPLOIT Novell eDirectory SOAP Handling Accept Language Header Heap Overflow (CVE-2008-4479)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1056896EXPLOIT LANDesk Management Suite QIP Service Heal Packet Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-2468)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1056897EXPLOIT VMware Server ISAPI Extension Remote Denial Of Service (CVE-2008-3697)Dos/DDoSHighFull
1056930EXPLOIT Nullsoft Winamp Ultravox Streaming Metadata Parsing Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-0065)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1057597EXPLOIT IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client dsmagent.exe NodeName Buffer Overflow -1 (CVE-2008-4828)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110050WEB Alt-N MDaemon WorldClient Service Memory Corruption (CVE-2008-2631)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110080EXPLOIT Apple CUPS SGI Image Format Decoding imagetops Filter buffer overflow -1Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110081EXPLOIT Apple CUPS Text-to-PostScript texttops Filter integer overflow -1Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110149EXPLOIT Borland Software InterBase ibserver.exe Service Attach Request buffer overflow (CVE-2008-1910)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110150WEB Borland StarTeam Multicast Service HTTP Handling Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-0311)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110162DOS CA ARCserve Backup Tape Engine denial of service -1Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110203EXPLOIT Cisco Secure Access Control Server UCP Application CSuserCGI.exe Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-0532)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110323SSH GoodTech SSH Server SFTP Processing Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-4726)Buffer OverflowHighFull

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