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WatchGuard Wireless Solutions

XTM Firewall with Wireless Capabilities or AP100/AP200 Wireless Access Point?

Use this handy guide to decide which solution best meets the needs of your organization.
WatchGuard XTM Wireless Firewalls

WatchGuard XTM Wireless Firewalls
WatchGuard AP Devices

WatchGuard AP Devices
Ideal for businesses that want an all-in-one wireless solution that combines UTM firewall and wireless networking capabilities in a single hardware platform. The right product for businesses that require the flexibility of separate UTM and wireless hardware platforms while retaining single management console ease of use.
A stand-alone appliance – just plug and play – with no additional software components to buy, install, or manage. One or many AP devices can be combined with a new or existing XTM device to extend UTM security to the WLAN.
All-in-one device reduces deployment time. Form factor allows for tabletop deployment and integrated wireless preserves wired ports. Separate wireless access points allow flexible deployment options. XTM appliance can be rack-mounted, while AP devices are located elsewhere in the office, extending coverage away from the XTM.
Features three external antennas for great coverage and directionality. Omni-directional internal antennas, plenum enclosure option, subtle design and PoE make the AP perfect for deployment in public spaces.
Cost effective, all-in-one UTM and wireless solution that is perfect for small office deployments, branch offices, etc. Two models allow customers to select the right price point. Easy to add more AP devices as wireless coverage needs grow.

XTM wireless models will also support AP devices, so don't worry if you can't decide – you can choose both!

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