Run Network Diagnostic Tasks in WatchGuard Cloud

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes, Locally-managed Fireboxes

You can run these diagnostic tools in WatchGuard Cloud to test and troubleshoot network connectivity from the Firebox:

  • Ping — Ping an IP address or host name.
  • TCP Dump — See information about packets transmitted across your network and save the results to a file.
  • DNS Lookup — Look up DNS information to find which IP address a host name resolves to.

You can also download a diagnostic snapshot file of the Firebox log data and system information. For more information, see Download Diagnostic Snapshot File.

To run these tools in Fireware Web UI on a cloud-managed Firebox, see Run Network Diagnostic Tasks in Fireware Web UI.

Use Diagnostic Tools

Download Diagnostic Snapshot File

Your Firebox collects log data and other system information that is helpful when you troubleshoot device issues with a WatchGuard Technical Support representative. You can download this information from the Firebox in a diagnostic snapshot file that you can send to your Technical Support representative.

The default name of the file is [device name]_support.tgz.

To download a diagnostic snapshot file:

  1. Select Monitor > Devices.
  2. Select a Firebox.
  3. From the Devices menu, select Live Status > Diagnostic Tools.
    The Diagnostic Tools page opens.
  4. Select the Snapshot tab.

Screen shot of the Snapshot tab

  1. Select Download snapshot file.
    The diagnostic snapshot file downloads and saves to the location you specify.

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