Traffic Monitor

On the Traffic Monitor page, you can see log messages from your Firebox as they occur. On some networks, there can be a short delay as log messages are sent.

Traffic Monitor can help you troubleshoot network performance. For example, you can see which policies are used most, or whether external interfaces are constantly used to their maximum capacity.

  1. Connect to Fireware Web UI for your Firebox.
  2. Select Dashboard > Traffic Monitor.
    The Traffic Monitor page appears, with All logs selected.

Screen shot of the Traffic Monitor page

If you connect to a FireCluster, the Traffic Monitor page includes a drop-down list to select which cluster member log messages to view.

To choose which cluster member to see on the Traffic Monitor page:

From the Member drop-down list, select a cluster member.

Screen shot of the Traffic Monitor page for a FireCluster

Filter and Search Traffic Monitor Log Messages

You can use the Traffic Monitor buttons to filter the information that you see in the Traffic Monitor. When you select a button, Traffic Monitor shows only log messages of the type you selected. You can also use the filter text box to search the log messages and refine the data you see in Traffic Monitor.

To filter messages by log message type, click a button:

  • FSM All Logs button — All Logs
  • FSM Traffic Logs button — Traffic Logs
  • FSM Alarm Logs button — Alarm Logs
  • FSM Event Logs button — Event Logs
  • FSM Debug Logs button — Diagnostic Logs
  • FSM Performance Statistics Logs button — Performance Statistics Logs

To filter log messages by specified details:

  1. In the filter text box at the top of the page, type or select the information to search on.
    You can type any value in the filter text box, or select a value from the drop-down list.
  2. To remove the filter, click Screen shot of the Clear Filter button.

Change the Display

You can select whether the messages in the display appear in black and white, or in color. You can also select all the messages in the display or clear all the messages from the display.

  1. Click or Actions.
    The button label changes from an icon to text based on the width of your browser window.

Screen shot of the Traffic Monitor page, Display options menu

  1. To change the color of the display, select an option:
    • Do not show in color
    • Show logs in color
  2. To select all the log messages in the display, select Select All.
  3. To clear all the log messages in the display, select Clear Traffic Monitor.

Pause and Restart the Display

From Traffic Monitor, you can pause and restart the display of traffic in Traffic Monitor.

  1. To pause the display of traffic, click the Pause button.
  2. To start the display of traffic again, click the Play button.

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