Inactive Devices and Data Retention

In WatchGuard Cloud, a device becomes inactive when it is no longer associated with your WatchGuard Cloud account.

For example, the device status changes to Inactive when:

  • A Service Provider deallocated the device from your account
  • You returned the device to WatchGuard as an RMA
  • You asked WatchGuard to transfer the device to a different account (transfer of ownership)
  • You removed the device from a FireCluster

If an inactive device has a Data Retention license, historical log data and reports for that device remain in WatchGuard Cloud until the data retention period ends.

Device Summary shows information about the Data Retention license assigned to an inactive device.

Screen shot of an inactive device in Device Manager

The Data Retention Details section for an inactive Firebox shows:

  • Period — The maximum age of data WatchGuard Cloud stores for this device.
  • Expiration — The date the Data Retention license expires. After the license expires, WatchGuard removes any stored data for the device.

For example, if an inactive device has an unexpired Data Retention license with a retention period of 30 days, WatchGuard Cloud stores device log and report data generated within 30 days of the current date. After the device has been inactive for 30 days, all log and report data is older than 30 days, and no log and report data appears in WatchGuard Cloud.

You can unassign the Data Retention license from the inactive device and assign it to a different device. For more information, see Manage Data Retention Licenses.

If you remove the inactive device from WatchGuard Cloud, the Data Retention license is automatically unassigned. For more information, see Remove a Device from WatchGuard Cloud.

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