Manage Access Point Sites

Applies To: WatchGuard Cloud-managed Access Points (AP130, AP230W, AP330, AP332CR, AP430CR, AP432)

On the Access Point Sites page, you can review the list of access point sites and add and delete sites. For information on how to subscribe devices to a site, see Subscribe an Access Point to a Site.

You cannot delete a site that has active subscribed devices. You must unsubscribe any devices before you delete the site.

To manage and configure access point sites, from WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. Log in to WatchGuard Cloud as a Subscriber account.
  2. Select Configure > Access Point Sites.
    The Access Point Sites page opens.

The page shows any access point sites you have configured. You can search for an access point site in the list from the search bar.

Screen shot of the Access Point Sites page in WatchGuard Cloud

  • Name — The name of the site.
  • Status — The current status of the site:
  • Deployed — Indicates that the site configuration has been deployed to WatchGuard Cloud and applied to devices subscribed to the site.
  • Undeployed — Indicates that the site configuration has not been deployed to WatchGuard Cloud.
  • Inactive — Indicates that there are currently no access points subscribed to the site.
  • Devices — The number of devices currently subscribed to the site.
  • Description — The description of the site.

To add a new site, click Add Site. For more information, see Add an Access Point Site.

To delete a site, click , then select Delete.

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