About the Dynamic DNS Service

You can register the external IP address of your Firebox with a dynamic Domain Name System (DNS) service provider. A dynamic DNS service makes sure that the IP address attached to your domain name changes when your ISP gives your Firebox a new IP address. This feature is available only in mixed routing network configuration mode.

You can register the external IP address of the Firebox with one of these dynamic Domain Name Server (DNS) service providers:

  • Dyn.com
  • No-ip.com
  • Dynu.com
  • Dnsdynamic.org
  • Freedns.afraid.org
  • Duckdns.org
  • Cloudflare.com (Fireware v12.5.4 or higher)

Dyn.com offers tiered pricing; the other providers offer free services. WatchGuard is not affiliated with these providers. No other dynamic DNS providers are supported.

Dyn.com is the only supported dynamic DNS provider in Fireware v12.1 and lower.

How It Works

The Firebox must be configured with an operational DNS server. The Firebox uses the DNS server to resolve the domain name of the service provider specified in the dynamic DNS configuration. Next, the Firebox logs in to your account on the service provider website. The Firebox registers its external IP address for the domain name you purchased.

The Firebox immediately sends updated information to your dynamic DNS service provider if:

  • The Firebox is configured as a DHCP client, and the external interface is assigned a new IP address by your ISP
  • You manually change the external IP address of the Firebox
  • You make any changes to the dynamic DNS configuration on your Firebox

The Firebox is also configured to contact the dynamic DNS service provider every 28 days by default. You can specify an interval from 1 to 28 days.

To configure dynamic DNS on your Firebox, see Configure Dynamic DNS.

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