Complete Your Installation

After you are finished with either the Web Setup Wizard or the WSM Quick Setup Wizard, you must complete the installation of your Firebox on your network. 

To install the Firebox on your network:

  1. Put the Firebox in its permanent physical location.
  2. If your Firebox uses a routed configuration, make sure the default gateway of management computer and the rest of the trusted network is the IP address of the trusted interface of your Firebox.
  3. Connect to the Firebox.
    • To connect to your Firebox with Fireware Web UI, open a web browser and type: the IP address you configured for the trusted interface.
      For more information, go to Connect to Fireware Web UI.
    • To connect the management computer to your Firebox, open WatchGuard System Manager and select File > Connect to Device.

When you connect to the Firebox with WatchGuard System Manager, you must log in with the status (read-only) passphrase you configured in the setup wizard.

  1. Customize your configuration as necessary for the security requirements of your network as described in the next section.
  2. If you installed one or more WatchGuard servers, configure the settings for your servers, as described in Set Up WatchGuard Servers.

If you installed WatchGuard server software on a computer with an active desktop firewall other than Windows Firewall, you must open the ports necessary for the servers to connect through the firewall. Windows Firewall users do not have to change their configuration. For more information, go to Install WatchGuard Servers on Computers with Desktop Firewalls.

Customize Your Security Policy 

Your security policy controls who can get into and out of your network, and where they can go in your network. The configuration file of your Firebox manages the security policies.

The Web Setup Wizard or WSM Quick Setup Wizard set up a default security configuration. The default policies and security services enabled by the setup wizards depend on the version of Fireware installed on the Firebox. For more information about the default settings the setup wizards configure, go to Setup Wizard Default Policies and Settings.

You can modify the configuration to align your security policy with the business and security requirements of your company. You can add packet filter and proxy policies to set what you let in and out of your network. Each policy can have an effect on your network. The policies that increase your network security can decrease access to your network. And the policies that increase access to your network can put the security of your network at risk.

For information about firewall policies, go to About Policies.

For recommendations on how to customize your configuration, go to Firebox Configuration Best Practices.

About Your Support Subscription

Your Firebox includes a subscription to WatchGuard support services. The support subscription is identified in the feature key by the old name for WatchGuard support, LiveSecurity Service. Your support subscription:

  • Makes sure that you get the newest network protection with the newest software upgrades
  • Gives solutions to your problems with full technical support resources
  • Prevents service interruptions with messages and configuration help for the newest security problems
  • Enables you to find out more about network security through training resources
  • Extends your network security with software and other features
  • Extends your hardware warranty with advanced replacement

For more information, go to About WatchGuard Support.

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