FireCluster Interfaces

When you configure a FireCluster, you must specify one or two Cluster interfaces, and an interface for management IP address.

Cluster interfaces

The interfaces on the Firebox that are dedicated to cluster communication. You must define a Primary cluster interface.  For redundancy, you can also configure a Backup cluster interface. The FireCluster uses the backup cluster interface if the primary cluster interface connection fails.

When you set up the hardware, you use an Ethernet cable to connect the cluster interfaces of both Fireboxes together. Tip! For more information, see Connect the FireCluster Hardware.

For each cluster member, you must type an IP addresses for each cluster interface. For each cluster interface, the IP addresses for both members must be on the same subnet. When you type the IP address, you must use slash notation to enter the subnet mask. For more information, see About Slash Notation.

Interface for management IP address

You use this interface on the Firebox to connect to a specific cluster member with WatchGuard management software. Set the management interface to the interface for the network where your management computer is connected.

For each cluster member you must type an IP address for the interface for management IP address. You can set the management IP address for each cluster member to any address, but the address must be unique for each cluster member.

For more information about the FireCluster management interface, see About FireCluster Management IP Addresses.