Prakash speaking at a town hall meeting

Leadership Team

Meet the leadership team at WatchGuard.

This group guides the strategic direction at WatchGuard across all business units, while always keeping focus on what’s best for both employees and customers. Our culture of leading with passion, accountability, community, and collaboration starts here.

Prakash Panjwani

I believe that our company's success is built on the positive work environment created by our employees. They are truly engaged in the work and with each other. I see it daily in how teams work together, how we challenge and recognize each other up and down the organization.

~ Prakash Panjwani, CEO

Michelle Welch

Our employees bring so much passion and accountability to everything they do. No matter the task, our teams work together and push each other to produce great content.

~ Michelle Welch
Senior Vice President of Marketing

Corey Nachreiner

One of the biggest reasons I have been with WatchGuard for more than 20 years is the people I work with. Our team is made up of driven and passionate people who work hard to put out the best products and services possible, and throughout the process, we have a great time together.

~ Corey Nachreiner
Chief Technology Officer

Shari McLaren

Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our customers and we get there by empowering employees on the support team. They own our mission, vision and values, and help steer us toward achieving our common goal.

~ Shari McLaren
Senior Vice President of Customer Services and Support

Andrew Young

WatchGuard is really innovating and paving a new direction in the network security industry.

~ Andrew Young
Senior Vice President of Product Management

Rich Barber

WatchGuard has a really collaborative culture that allows us to be fast and nimble.

~ Rich Barber
Senior Vice President of Finance & CFO

Wayson Vannatta

Our intra-team trust and collaboration allows us to quickly get key stakeholders into a room and change global process.

~ Wayson Vannatta
Chief Information Officer

Jack Waters

At WatchGuard we value teamwork. We achieve great results because we have a diverse and creative team that works together as equals.

~ Jack Waters
Senior Vice President of Engineering

Sean Price

The leadership team sets goals and objectives and from there we don’t micromanage. Employees are able to effect change and impact both the future of the company, and the progression of their careers.

~ Sean Price
Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales

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