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Monitor Mobile VPNs

On the Mobile VPN tab of the VPN Statistics page, you can see information about the Mobile VPN types (SSL, IPSec, and L2TP) enabled on your Firebox. You can also use the search feature to filter the tunnel lists and search the list of VPNs for a specific user.

To see statistics for your Mobile VPN tunnels:

  1. Select System Status > VPN Statistics.
  2. Select the Mobile VPN tab.
    The traffic statistics for Mobile VPN tunnels appear.
  3. From the drop-down list, select an option:
    • Show All
    • Mobile VPN with IPSec
    • Mobile VPN with IKEv2
    • Mobile VPN with SSL
    • Mobile VPN with L2TP

    The available details for the selected option appear.

  4. To filter the list of VPNs, in the Search text box, type the user name to filter the list on.
    You can type a partial word to find all matching users in the list.
  5. To see more information about a tunnel, select the tunnel.
    The tunnel statistics appear.
  6. To see more information about a tunnel user, select the tunnel user.
    The user statistics appear.

Available Mobile VPN Statistical Details

For each of the Mobile VPN tunnels and gateways, these statistics appear. Not all details are available for each VPN type.


The IP address at the local end of the tunnel.


The IP address at the remote end of the tunnel.


The number of bytes and packets sent out through the tunnel.

(Packets are only included for Mobile VPN with IPSec)


The number of bytes and packets received through the tunnel.

(Packets are only included for Mobile VPN with IPSec)


The date and time the tunnel was created.

Expires In

The number of days and hours or bandwidth (MB) before the tunnel expires.


The security protocol used to encrypt traffic through the tunnel.

Tunnel Name

The name assigned to the tunnel.


The gateway endpoints used by this tunnel.

Number of Rekeys

The number of rekeys for the tunnel.

Login from

The IP address of the user computer.

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