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WatchGuard offers a variety of technical support services for your purchased products and services. For more information, see the WatchGuard Support Center.

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Before You Call

When you create an incident, make sure you include all information required. Ask yourself these questions to find what you must include:

  1. What are you trying to do?
    For issues related to networking, be sure to identify the interfaces and ports that are relevant to the incident.
  2. Were you able to perform this action previously without problems?
  3. What behavior do you see?
  4. What behavior would you expect to see if the problem was not occurring?
  5. How often do the symptoms occur?
  6. What troubleshooting steps, if any, have you taken?

Relevant Information

When you contact technical support, you are often asked for basic information about your Firebox and WatchGuard account. It is helpful to save this information when you create your configuration in case your device does not operate correctly. For guidelines about what information to have ready before you call WatchGuard for support, see Working with WatchGuard Customer Support.

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