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Get Started with WebBlocker (WSM)

Before You Begin

Before you activate WebBlocker, you must ensure that the WebBlocker subscription service has been activated for your device. To activate the WebBlocker license key and import the feature key to your Firebox, see Get a Firebox Feature Key.

Activate WebBlocker

You can use Policy Manager to activate WebBlocker on your Firebox.

  1. Open Policy Manager.
  2. Select Subscription Services > WebBlocker > Activate.
    Welcome to the WebBlocker Activation Wizard .

Screen shot of the WebBlocker Activation Wizard welcome page.

  1. Click Next.
  2. Accept the generated name for the WebBlocker action or type a unique descriptive name. The name is used to identify this WebBlocker action for later application to a proxy action.

Screen shot of the Activate WebBlocker Wizard select a name for the action page.

  1. Click Next.
  2. Select categories to deny. By default, all categories are allowed.
    1. Click a category name to see the category description below the list.
    2. In the category list, select each category or subcategory that you want to deny.
    3. To deny access to websites that match all categories, select the Deny All Categories check box.
    4. To configure the action to take for uncategorized websites, from the When a URL is uncategorized drop-down list, select Allow or Deny.

Screen shot of the Activate WebBlocker Wizard select categories to deny page.

  1. Click Next.
  2. Select the proxy policies you would like to create. If you do not select any policies, the Activate WebBlocker Wizard creates a new HTTP-proxy policy with a WebBlocker action.

Screen shot of the Activate WebBlocker Wizard create new proxy policies page.

  1. Click Next.
    The Activate WebBlocker Wizard is complete.

Screen shot of the Activate WebBlocker Wizard is complete page.

  1. Click Finish. If Continue to the WebBlocker configuration central is selected, the Webblocker Actions dialog is displayed. On the Webblocker Actions dialog you can add, clone, edit, and remove Actions, define global settings, and set policies.

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