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About PCI Compliance Reports

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) specifies requirements to make sure that your firewall provides a secure solution for your network and all payment card data that is transmitted through your network. The PCI DSS security requirements apply to all the components of your network that connect to the cardholder data environment.

Your firewall is an essential requirement to keep your network in compliance with a PCI environment. The first requirement in the standard outlines why you must have a firewall and keep sensitive areas of your network separate. You can use Fireboxes to meet these requirements.

WatchGuard also helps you to address these specific PCI requirements:

WatchGuard reports include several predefined reports that provide information to help you make sure that your network is compliant with PCI requirements. These reports are included in the Compliance Reports group.

Requirement Related Report Report Description
Requirement 5 Gateway AntiVirus Summary Gateway AntiVirus action summary
Requirement 6 Audit Trail

Detailed list of audited configuration changes for a Firebox

Requirement 10.1
Requirement 10.2
Denied User Authentication Report

Detailed list of users denied authentication
Includes date, time, and reason for authentication failure

Requirement 10.6 Alarm Summary Summary report of all alarms

For complete details about the PCI DSS requirements and to find the PCI DCI requirements documentation, see

View PCI Compliance Reports in Dimension

You can view PCI compliance reports from WatchGuard Dimension, or schedule the reports to be exported in a PDF file. For more information, see View Reports and Schedule Reports

Generate PCI Compliance Reports from Report Manager

To monitor your network and verify that it is PCI compliant, you can generate the related reports for each requirement.

  1. From the WSM Report Server, create a report schedule that includes the required Compliance Reports.
    For detailed steps, see Configure Report Generation Settings.
  2. Connect to WatchGuard WebCenter to View Compliance Reports in Report Manager.

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