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About the POP3-Proxy

POP3 (Post Office Protocol v.3) is a protocol that moves email messages from an email server to an email client on a TCP connection over port 110. With POP3, an email client contacts the email server and checks for any new email messages. If it finds a new message, it downloads the email message to the local email client. After the message is received by the email client, the connection is closed.

With a POP3-proxy filter you can:

  • Adjust timeout and line length limits to make sure the POP3-proxy does not use too many network resources, and to prevent some types of attacks.
  • Customize the deny message that is sent to a user when content or attachments are stripped from an email sent to that user.
  • Filter content embedded in email with MIME types.
  • Block specified path patterns and URLs.

To add the POP3-proxy to your Firebox configuration, see Add a Proxy Policy to Your Configuration.

Which Proxy Action To Use

When you configure a proxy policy, you must select a proxy action appropriate to the policy. For a proxy policy that allows connections from your internal clients to the internet, use the Client proxy action. For a proxy policy that allows connections to your internal servers from the internet, use the Server proxy action.

Predefined proxy actions with Standard appended to the proxy action name include recommended standard settings that reflect the latest Internet network traffic trends.

Configure the POP3-Proxy

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