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About the IMAP-Proxy

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a protocol used by email clients to retrieve and manage email messages on an email server over a TCP connection on port 143. With IMAP, an email client can contact the IMAP server to check for and retrieve email messages. An IMAP email client can retrieve message headers or retrieve an entire message. Because multiple clients can connect and synchronize with the IMAP server, the IMAP email client leaves the message on the server unless the user explicitly deletes it.

The IMAP proxy can inspect encrypted IMAP connections in Fireware OS v12.1 and higher.

With an IMAP proxy you can:

  • Configure Gateway AntiVirus, spamBlocker, and APT Blocker to scan message content
  • Customize the deny message that is sent to a user when content or attachments are locked or removed from an email sent to that user
  • Filter content embedded in email with MIME types
  • Strip message headers that match a specified pattern

You can also enable Application Control and IPS in an IMAP proxy or IMAP packet filter policy.

For more information, see Add a Proxy Policy to Your Configuration.

Which Proxy Action To Use

When you configure a proxy policy, you must select a proxy action appropriate to the policy. For a proxy policy that allows connections from your internal clients to the internet, use the Client proxy action. For a proxy policy that allows connections to your internal servers from the internet, use the Server proxy action.

Predefined proxy actions with Standard appended to the proxy action name include recommended standard settings that reflect the latest Internet network traffic trends.

Configure the IMAP Proxy Policy

In Fireware Web UI, you configure the IMAP proxy settings in these tabs:

In Policy Manager, you configure the IMAP proxy settings in these tabs:

Configure the IMAP Proxy Action

You can choose a predefined proxy action or configure a user-defined proxy action for this proxy. For the IMAP proxy, you can configure these proxy action settings:

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