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Import and Export User-Defined Proxy Actions

If you manage several Fireboxes and have user-defined proxy actions for them, you can use the policy action import/export function to save time. You can define custom proxy actions on one Firebox, export them to an ASCII file, and then import them to another Firebox.

The Firebox for which you created the policies must run the same version of WSM as the version of Policy Manager you use to import the proxy actions. You cannot import a proxy action from an old version into the current version.

  1. On the first Firebox, create the user-defined proxy actions.
  2. In the Proxy Actions dialog box, click Export.
    You do not need to select the user-defined actions. The Export function automatically exports all custom actions regardless of which proxy action is actually selected.
  3. In the Save dialog box, select where you want to save the proxy actions file.
    The default location is My Documents > My WatchGuard.
  4. Type a name for the file and click Save.
  5. In Policy Manager on a different Firebox, in the Proxy Actions dialog box, click Import.
  6. Find the file you created in Step 3 and click Open.
  7. If user-defined proxy actions are already defined in the current Policy Manager, you are asked whether you want to replace the existing actions or append the imported actions to the existing ones. Click Replace or Append.
    • Replace — The existing user-defined proxy actions are deleted and replaced with the new actions.
    • Append — Both the existing and the imported actions appear in the dialog box.

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